We're in the business of making people smile. We see ourselves as a progressive photography business that is innovative, funky and forward thinking. We intend to build up our reputation as one of the foremost photographic agencies in the field of Brand Photography, we want City Photo Studio to be the first name that people think of when considering their photographic needs. In time, we see potential clients looking us up because they’ve heard we are the best in the business and not as a result of an exhaustive marketing campaign. We strive to be the best we can be, and we see ourselves offering a smart solution to people’s photographic needs from our cool studio space. It will be well equipped, catering for clients looking for product photography or portrait photography. There will also be a gallery alongside where our ever-expanding range of landscape images will be proudly displayed. This studio space will be a welcoming and warm environment that put potential clients at ease. Our mantra for Brand Photography is ‘let our business sell your business’ and we will use this to show potential clients how City Photo Studio can produce incredible results that will help them develop their brand, through effective imaging. This could be via an online presence or with printed media. Either way, our images will ‘Wow’ both our clients and the clients, clients.


Our culture is creative, ambitious, innovative and agile.

We believe efforts made to achieve beauty are eternal and go beyond the lens and image. Our personal expectations are to provide exceptional service to our clients who are discerning and desire to acquire exceptional high quality artistic works.

We encourage emergent photographers and support local because ultimately – your success is our success.

We autograph ‘your’ work with excellence.


We want to be the best we can be, and we strive to constantly improve the quality of our service and products. We try to be competitively priced and whilst this is important, the quality of service we provide remains our priority.
Dependability & Trust
We pride ourselves on our dependability and it’s one of the first words that satisfied clients have used to describe our service. We will always aim to exceed our client’s expectations in this regard. We can be trusted to always arrive on time or early and will often work longer than has been agreed at no extra cost. Getting the job done is more important than charging by the minute.


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Photography Lead

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Cinematography Lead

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Senior Photographer

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Photography Associate

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Photography Associate



City Photo Studio was started with the concept of knitting photos and videos together to create a video that one remembers. City Photo Studio also provided freelance team of videographers to one of the leading wedding photography services provider in Bhubaneswar and across locations in the state of Odisha & did a lot of corporate event’s media coverage for companies like Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, LIC etc (all across Bhubaneswar, Odisha). After gaining the experience of both weddings & corporates, City Photo Studio channelized itself full time to providing complete Wedding Photography & Videography Services since with its first office at Plot No 71, Ganganagar Chhak, Unit-6, 751003. Since then there has been no looking back as we have two functional offices currently in Bhubaneswar. Over the time, looking at the various pain points which customers & we face during the project execution, our brand focused in making a beautiful & error free experience easily affordable for all. After completion of 32 years in this industry, City Photo Studio still thrives to provide the best for its customers with constant adaptation to cutting edge technology and creativity.

Adding Life To Your Memories

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